Colour Pops with Young Free Hungry!

You guys know how much I love vibrant and poppy colours, so every time a Blog Shop launches such colour outfits, I literally go crazy! This week’s find of Bubbly colours is from Young Free Hungry. Ready to explore my top 2 picks from here…

This Violet Top was definitely the first item I set my eyes on. I’m wearing a Size L and the colour is gorgeously unique!

However, it is much shorter than I expected and falls at an awkward level, so I’ve styled it as a vest over my Tube Neon Jumpsuit from Pomelo. I think this outfit combination is a new favourite for me:) 

I find that the sleeves of this Violet Top is super stylish and trendy. It gives the flowy effect which I really like. Other ideas to style it with, can be in shorts, pants, skirts and dresses:) 

Now, the real adventure begins…

I mean who can say NO to this Electric Blue Midi Dress right? I simply adore the elegance of this dress and its perfect fitting on my body. This dress does wonders in hiding my tummy perfectly and I’m wearing Size L.

You would think this outfit is totally inappropriate for a park or garden journey right? Well, that’s where you’re wrong. I love the comfy material of this dress

It hardly made me perspire in the scorching heat and the perspiration doesn’t stick on the dress at all! How cool right?

After enjoying my morning walk around the park and discovering a beautiful Swan, my day actually became pretty interesting and rather scary! The area I was having my photoshoot was covered in greenery and leaves. The view was spectacular but what I failed to realise is that, as in any wildlife and parks, there are bound to be special guests looming around. 

Mine was just beside me while I was happily taking my pictures. It was a gigantic monitor lizard and when I saw it, I froze. It was extremely near my bag and I know they don’t harm humans. But, I was all alone in this area and nobody could have helped me. I gathered up my courage, slowly took my bag and literally ran for my dear life. It followed me for a while and I just kept running! What a day I had exploring the park with my Young Free Hungry Dress! At least, I was fashionable running away from a giant lizard! One of the many struggles of a fashion influencer and blogger!

Hope you guys enjoyed this Blog and let me know in the comments below, which outfit was your favorite. Do check out more of Young Free Hungry latest Colour Pops Launches!

Also, give me any tips if I ever have the courage to head back to the park for a photoshoot alone:) 

Take care, Stay Safe & Happy Shopping:) 

Cheers, Parames:) 

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