Eye Makeup Tips for Newbies!

“What we SEE depends mainly on what we Look for!”

If you’re like me, still learning the tricks to make your Eye makeup pop and sparkle, I’m going to share with you a few tips today on what to look out for and avoid, when applying Eyeshadows and Eyeliners!

Starting with an Eyeshadow Palette can be rather daunting with numerous colours and all the different types of Eye Brushes. Don’t worry, I will guide you step by step how to fall in love with Eye Makeup:) 

For Beginners, my recommendation is to start playing around with Eyeshadows and getting a Neutral reasonably priced Palette with lots of Brown and Bronze. I bought this 35G Bronze Goals Palette from Morphe at only $30 https://www.morphe.com/products/35g-bronze-goals-artistry-palette

I cannot stop using it ever since. I find the Brown and Bronze goes well for daily wear and the Glittery ones for Smokey eyes and Evening Glam!

Looking for colours during Pick-Me-Up days? Fret not!

Huda Beauty has the most amazing colour range! It might be a little pricey for a small palette but I love how light and on-the-go it is, for days I need to carry along for my Photo shoots. The pigmentation is incredible and even without Eyeshadow primer, this eyeshadow lasts the entire day!

If you’re someone who likes to blend a few colours and keep it simple, I recommend the Obsessions Eyeshadow Palettein Emerald https://hudabeauty.com/en_AE/shop/obsessions-palette-emerald-HB00075.html Mixing the gold and green, gives an elegant and classy look!

Adventurous peeps out there, you cannot miss the Neon Orange Obsessions Palettehttps://www.sephora.sg/products/huda-beauty-neon-obsessions-pressed-pigment-palette/v/neon-orange-obsessions 

The yellow and pink colours are to die for and super gorgeous. You can go all out with loud and vibrant looks, when you’re partying or just want to let everything go:) 

The Morphe 35B https://au.morphe.com/collections/eyeshadow-palettes/products/the-james-charles-palette is also good as it has practically ALL the colours you need ever, for a much cheaper price. 

However, the pigmentation varies for certain colours. The Sparkly and Bright ones, you just need to apply one coat and you’ll love the thickness of it, like mine below.

The Matte lighter colours are the ones, you need to apply multiple coats, to be seen. Here, I’ve applied 4 coats of the light orange and green, yet I feel it’s a little faint. I still like this light look though, for days I want to go a little bare on my face:) 

I like to always swatch the colours on my hand for any Eyeshadow Palette, to see which colours pop on my skintone and which colours to avoid, while mixing.

Let’s talk about Eyeliners now! Are they difficult to apply? Well, definitely not! With a little bit of practice, you’ll ACE the Eyeliner Game!

Personally, I feel KatVonD’s Black Eyeliner https://www.sephora.sg/products/kvd-vegan-beauty-tattoo-liner-liquid-eyeliner/v/trooper-satin-black is the BEST in the market! 

I’ve used lots of black eyeliners but I LOVE KatVonD’s one as it effortlessly glides on my eyes and gives a bold look! This eyeliner alone is enough to make heads turn at you:) 

You might wonder how to apply your eyeshadows? In the past I was so lazy that I simply used my fingers to do so. That’s the WRONG way! I recommend getting the Morphe Brush Set https://au.morphe.com/collections/brush-sets/products/all-eye-want-brush-set which is super worthwhile for the price and you get all the brushes you need for the future, when you become an expert in Eye Makeup!

For now, E10 and M507 will just be fine. I use M507 https://au.morphe.com/products/m507-pointed-mini-blender first which is a Mini Blender Brush and helps me control the application of my eyeshadow without smudging. It is especially useful when you want to use two colours for the same eye. 

Next, I use E10 https://au.morphe.com/products/e10-tapered-concealer which is a Concealer Brush to pat down the colour and covers my blemishes and dark circles perfectly. You can check out my Instagram @fashiondiaryinspiration for Makeup Tutorials this coming week:) 

I hope you found this Eye Makeup Blog post useful and if you’ve been worried on how your eye looks will turn out to be, watch Youtube tutorials and try them out at home first to see if you like certain colours on you. I’m still trying and as much as these tutorials are life saviours, it’s a learning process, so enjoy and have fun with Makeup:) 

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy & Stay Happy:) 

Cheers Parames:) 

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