Monochrome Trend in Prints!

Monochrome Trend has been in the Fashion World for the longest time ever. When I first heard it, I thought it meant Black and White pieces only. However, I realized Monochrome is much more than these two colours. It combines the love of various colour shades that you can play around with and spike up your wardrobe on a daily basis! So, I decided why not twist it a little and add PRINTS to this Trend:) 


When Life gives you Lemons, squeeze it Fashionably:) 

Of course I had to get this super adorable Lemon Romper (Size L) from The Closet Lover which is their newest launch!

You might think Rompers are a hassle when you have to go to the toilet. But this Romper is uniquely designed whereby you can quickly unbutton and unzip within seconds, which saves you a lot of time when nature calls!

Yellow is the most fun & cheerful colour that never fails to brighten up your day! So, matching this Romper in my Yellow Heels from Melissa Shoes and Yellow Clutch from Aldo, with lemons all over you, definitely puts a huge SMILE on my face:) 


Looking for something classic? All Black never fails to add the stylish and chic effect, once you have the right accessories along:) 

I feel choosing a Floral Print Blouse from Love and Bravery with a Slit Cut Skirt, gives an elegant look!

To add a little more glam, I decided to go with a Sparkly Clutch from Chomel and Beaded Sandals from Pretty Fit

I feel this outfit is super versatile from a Work Wear to Evening Chilling Wear:) 


You might wonder all green can look like a tree? Well, here’s the thing about Monochrome. Mixing different shades of the same colour is key to acing your look and being fashionable:) 

I feel Green is rather pleasuring to the eyes, which fails to be worn often by people. Many a times, we opt for standard colours like Black, White, Brown, Blue but tend to forget about this captivating exclusive colour, that can be effortless to style!

I wanted to go for something different and so chose a collared shirt. I’m loving this whole look and my Slit Pants (Size L) from The Closet Lover that is giving the Retro vibe.

To complement, I felt a Clutch and Sneakers from Charles & Keith would be perfect:) 

I hope I have inspired you to try a Monochrome style for either work, casual outing, formal events or just for chilling. It’s so much fun guys as you get to play around with colours! Remember though, NEVER choose the same shade throughout from top to bottom. Mix it with pastel of the same colour, light and dark tones and you’ll be able to keep it trendy:) 

Stay Safe, Healthy & Smile:) 

Cheers, Parames:) 

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