Summer Ready with Aditi Bhatt Exquisite Earrings!

Unique accessories catches my attention instantly especially light weight earrings that have captivating designs. So, you can only imagine my excitement when I found Aditi Bhatt Earring Collection based in India through Riviera Closet online shop in Singapore.

I was mesmerized by Aditi Bhatt ‘s vibrant colours which are extremely versatile for daily work wear to evening chilling, formal and party wear. The best part is the prices are pocket friendly and of good quality! Ready to explore my favourites from here for Summer?

Blue Clouds…

This Blue Rain Cloud Earrings has such a Monsoon feel even during Summer. I love the bright Turquoise which goes well with particularly any outfit and still makes you shine and sparkle!

I feel the Gold Rain Drops adds a glamour vibe and the soft blue clouds gives such a peaceful mood. It complements blouses, dresses and jumpsuits perfectly

I recommend this pair, for those of you who like to explore the quirky side of fashion and still keep it trendy. It also comes in Black and Gold which is classic and elegant too:) 


Love fishes and want to keep them close to you? Why not choose it through this pair of Charmed Fish Earrings:) 

I love how light, simple and sophisticated this pair is. It’s as if I’m not wearing anything on my ears at all

Of course the pop of colour is an extra bonus on days you want to brighten up your outfit. I feel the earrings tend to stand out when you tie up your hair as a bun or in a ponytail:) 

I simply adore Aditi Bhatt’s Earrings as their designs are stunning, matches everyday outfits and super reasonably priced through Riviera Closet. Head down here to view more magnificent earring designs which I’m sure you will fall head over heels:) 

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy & Smile:) 

Cheers, Parames:) 

(Earrings kindly gifted by Riviera Closet!)

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