Netflix Binge Watch!

Since Netflix plays a huge part in my life now, I cannot stop binge watching it every night, especially during the weekends! Here’s some recommendations this month if you just want to stay home, chill and have fun:) 

Work It

Dance lovers out there, Work It is your gig! The female lead, despite not being able to dance at all, goes all out to form a dance team, learn dancing and compete in the state’s most prestigious dance competition to be recognized. I like how the main character doesn’t give up even though the people around her knows she can barely dance and keep repeating it to her. I feel her perseverance to prove people wrong, tells us ANYTHING is POSSIBLE if we put our heart, soul and work hard for it. Time and determination will be the path to success! It’s a feel good movie with romance, drama, comedy and of course AWESOME dance moves:) 

Julie and the Phantoms

How about some Music and Songs to fill your day? I’m not really a musical person but I LOVE this drama Julie and the Phantoms which is about a teenage girl losing her passion in music after her mother passes away. I like the twist in this drama on how three musician ghosts comes in her life, for her to rekindle her passion in the most fun way ever! This is a MUST WATCH especially for teenage girls out there as it’s funny, full on teenage girls drama and inspirational:) 

Game on

Need some Comedy to perk you up? Game On is pure comedy where they combine the best of 4 comedy dramas Mr Iglesias, The Big Show, Ashley Garcia and Family Reunion. Before this, I only watched Family Reunion. But now I am super tempted to watch Ashley Garcia and Mr Iglesias too. Game On is basically a glimpse of some comedy shows you can binge watch if you like the characters! FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY:) 

Virgin River

This is a beautiful story about a middle aged woman, rediscovering her life and picking up her broken pieces by shifting to a completely new small town all by herself. I thought it was going to be sad but I got hooked onto it the very first episode! I love how the drama portrayed the whole town’s spirit of helping out each other without expecting anything in return. Personally, I adore the female lead and how kind hearted, selfless, caring and determined she is as a nurse to fulfil her duty, even when she’s heartbroken. The chemistry between the two characters are spectacular and I feel this drama is for whoever who’s lost, hurt a lot in life but motivates you to restart your life no matter how broken or old you are! I cannot wait for Season 2 and I’ve binged watched it 3 times! If you’re looking for something calming, laid back, motivational and a little drama, Virgin River will melt your heart away:) 

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Okies, so what you cannot travel this year? You can still live it through Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara! You only live once, enjoy it to the fullest, that’s what this whole movie is about! I love the three friends’ road trip in Spain, capturing the magnificence of this country, their culture, food, dance and activities. Of course, you’ll definitely be tempted to travel especially to Spain, to visit these exotic areas, something to look forward to real soon! My personal favourite was their scuba diving experience and how peaceful the ocean and fishes can be. Though I’m scared of water, I think scuba diving should be on my bucket list! Travel lovers out there, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara will make you dream about your next vacation spot:) 

Hope you guys enjoyed my Netflix Binge Episode! I’m addicted to Netflix so every month I will be dropping my Netflix favourites, for you to watch. Don’t forget to check out my Instagram @fashiondiaryinspiration for more Netflix reviews in my Instastories this coming week:) 

Stay Safe, Healthy & Smile:) 

Cheers, Parames:) 

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