Elegance in SuperGurl!

Feeling Classy in your clothes depends on your Confidence to carry them out and it’s exceptional fit on your body. I’ve become a fan of Supergurl’s items as their designs, colours and cutting are stylish and versatile from work to night looks! Of course, I couldn’t resist myself from getting a few items from here which are now my favourites:) 

Handkerchief Skirt…

I’m seriously obsessed with this unique Pistachio Green Handkerchief Skirt https://www.shopsupergurl.com/product/bottoms/amara-handkerchief-skirt-pistachio-green that can be worn for both work and casual outings.

I’m wearing the XL which is the perfect fit for me and the satin material makes it super comfortable and silky! I love how even in this hot weather, the skirt has such a cooling effect:) 

Butterfly Necklace…

Need a simple yet trendy necklace for daily wear? I definitely recommend this gorgeous Butterfly Necklace https://www.shopsupergurl.com/product/accessories/berna-butterfly-necklace-silver

It is extremely light on the neck and makes any outfit stand out! It also comes in gold but I prefer the silver, to match my clothes well. I find the butterfly charms magical, adding more charm and happiness to my day:) 

Sweetheart Blouse…

I feel having a white blouse is always a MUST in your wardrobe as white is a classic that complements your attires effortlessly!

When my eyes landed on this Sweetheart Blouse https://www.shopsupergurl.com/product/tops/backorder-amelia-sweetheart-neckline-top-black I knew I had to get it as the neckline is rare and stunning.

I feel this Sweetheart Blouse in any colour has the additional grace to make you attractive for any outing:) 

You should totally check out SuperGurl’s collection as their designs and colours never fail to amaze and tempt me! I will see you soon in my next fashion journey:) 

Stay Safe, Healthy and Happy Shopping:) 

Cheers, Parames:) 

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