Olivia Burton’s Stylish Accessories!

I feel accessories brings out your style and adds glamour to any outfit! Personally, I adore Olivia Burton’s accessories from their jewelry to watches as they never fail to sizzle with grace.

Olivia Burton is famous for their watches especially this Bees Design https://www.oliviaburton.com/uk/shop-watches/bee-watches/?start=0&sz=36 which is their classic and sophisticated for Smart Formal Looks:) 

I like their latest Rainbow Collection and had to get this Rainbow Glitter Midi Silver Mesh Watch https://www.oliviaburton.com/uk/shop-watches/rainbow-glitter-midi-dial-silver-mesh-watch-OB16GD69.html that is vibrant and brings radiance into my day. 

It is extremely light weight and matches most of my outfits effortlessly, with a dash of sparkle:) 

Recently, I discovered that Olivia Burton has adventured into jewelry which are simple yet classy to be worn on a daily basis!

I always find that Starfishes are magical and give hope even on days when you don’t see the light. That’s why I adore the Under the Sea collection especially this Starfish Rose Gold Earrings, https://www.oliviaburton.com/uk/shop-watches/starfish-rose-gold-huggies-OBJSCE35.html which is attractive and chic! 

It’s currently my new favourite pair of earrings and I wear it so often, it’s an essential now for me:) 

If you are into Rings, I definitely recommend this Rainbow Interlink Ring https://www.oliviaburton.com/uk/shop-watches/bejewelled-classics-rainbow-interlink-ring-rose-gold-%28m%29-OBJRBR06B.html

The design is certainly unique and gives me the vibe that I’m wearing multiple rings, without being heavy on my finger! I prefer Rose Gold as it doesn’t rust quickly and is more ladylike:) 

I find that Olivia Burton’s jewelry and watches are affordable and is of good quality, that last for a pretty long time! So, thinking what Christmas presents to gift either yourself or your loved ones? Olivia Burton is a perfect treat:) 

Stay Safe, Healthy & Happy! (This is not a Sponsored Post)

Cheers, Parames:) 

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