Valentine’s Day Looks…

It’s February and the month of Love is here! With Valentine’s day just round the corner, hustling for the perfect outfit to celebrate either yourself or with your loved ones can be mind-boggling! Fret not! I’m here to inspire you with some V Day looks that can never go wrong:) 

They say Maxi Dresses oozes elegance in any woman and I cannot agree more! Especially this Pokka Dot Dress from SuperGurl which lets my confidence shine and makes me feel and look really good:) 

I feel this Maxi Dress is perfect for a date night to a classy environment as it’s graceful and stylish. I like how it flaunts my figure, covering my chubby areas effortlessly!

I also adore the Pokka Dot Prints which gives the vintage and timeless vibe:) 

Looking for something casual, fun and trendy to hang out with your girls or even treating yourself to a break night this V day? I’ve got just the dress for you!

This Yellow Floral Dress from PlayDress definitely has the sweetheart vibe.

Obviously, I love the vibrant colour that adds the cheerfulness to it and put a huge SMILE on my face! Of course the Puff Sleeves are the highlight as it’s chic and cool:) 

Hope you guys have a wonderful, safe and happy Valentine’s day! Remember it’s not always about the outfit but also how you carry yourself in it! Be confident and own the world EVERYDAY:) 

Cheers, Parames:) 

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