Feeling like a Goddess!

I feel as women, we are constantly on the go, filled with responsibilities as a daughter, mother, wife, employee and proving ourselves in the society that we often tend to forget how powerful we can be!

So, I thought what better way to show our strength then through these Goddess T-shirts from Burning Orchid Story which beautifully captures the volumes and depth of our capability in owning this world with our poise, attitude and confidence:) 

I particularly fell in love with this Goddess design as it spoke so much to me on how since technology is here to stay and holds a huge part in our lives, we as women too never fail to match up to our expectations and duties. We gracefully accept any obstacles that come our way, with the mindset of overcoming them with determination!

I also like the comfort level and versatility on styling this shirt from formal to casual wear.

I can pair it with a skirt, if I feel like dressing up and it gives the formal vibe instantly. I chose a brighter yellow skirt to add cheerfulness to the outfit:) 

On days I want to have more fun and a chic look, I match this Goddess Shirt https://www.burningorchidstory.com/products/cyborg-face with Rainbow Pants and sunglasses! I feel the Pants has a vintage mood and complements the shirt effortlessly!

How about casual days to the Beach or Parks? Simply throw on shorts and you still can be fashionable and cool with this Goddess Shirt. I like how the Black Goddess Shirt https://www.burningorchidstory.com/products/copy-of-goddess has so much of vibrancy with its splash of colours. 

To all the women out there, it may not always be easy to put ourselves out there with confidence. But remember to never doubt your capability or influence on how you can positively impact the people around you:) 

Hope you enjoyed this post and check Burning Orchid Story out for inspirational and attractive T shirt designs! Stay Safe, Happy & Healthy:) 

Shirts kindly gifted by Burning Orchid Story!

Cheers, Parames:) 

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