Adding Rainbows into my Life…

Have you ever seen a Rainbow in your life? If you came across it, you would understand the fantabulous feeling of nature’s best! At the most unexpected moment, a Rainbow can sweep you away. This is what happened to me during one of my photoshoot mornings. I was extremely glad with the perfect sunny weather and my sun kissed pictures. Out of nowhere, it started pouring and being me, I’m lazy to carry an umbrella around which I regretted then. So, I seek shelter at one of the nearby areas, waiting for the rain to subside and continue my shoot.

To my surprise, I saw a faint splash of colours on the sky which gradually transformed into a spectacular rainbow, pleasing to the eyes and soul. Somehow when I saw it, my heart lifted instantly and a huge smile appeared on me. I’ve always been a fan of rainbow colours but when you see it in real, it can turn your mundane day into something amazingly memorable. Since rainbows are rarely visible, I decided to add them into my fashion closet:) 

Styling a Rainbow Skirt…

I love Rainbow Skirts as I feel it never fails to brighten up my day. You might think it’s rather difficult to pair it without being loud. But, just a simple solid Black or White top can effortlessly seal the cool and vibrant look. Here’s the trick on how to choose your tops to compliment rainbow skirts!

If the skirt has a bigger border of each colour like mine below, I recommend just a plain Black Blouse or Shirt from Zalora to be stylish and elegant on date nights or even on outings you feel like dressing up a little:) 

However, if the skirt has a thinner border of light colours , a plain or printed white Tshirt will give the chic and causal vibe instantly.

Styling a Rainbow Bag…

You can always start small in adding Rainbows to your outfit, by choosing a Rainbow Bag from Zalora which will match perfectly with any solid colours from Black to White to Brown, Nude and even Navy shades.

Since I am a little more bold, I decided to carry my Rainbow Bag in a Black and Green outfit and it still screams trendy! Of course, this bag is super light and can fit all my items in it, so no complains seriously:) 

Styling Rainbow Shoes…

I love Sneakers and when it comes in Rainbow colours like this from Converse , it’s definitely an added bonus to my outfit!

I simply adore the comfort level of the soles though it is rather heavy on the feet. My advice is not to wear this pair if you are going to walk a lot the whole day as it can tend to hurt your legs considering the heavy weight of it. Other than the heaviness, this Rainbow Sneakers is sure to hit up your day with brightness:) 

I hope you guys enjoyed my Rainbow Fashion and this month more Fashion Advice from Local Singapore Blog Shops will be coming in my Blog, so stay tuned:) 

Stay Safe & Happy!

Cheers, Parames:) 

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