Top 3 Cafes/Bars To Visit in Singapore!

I love exploring various types of food around Singapore and Western cuisine has always been my favourite. So, I thought why not share with you guys, some of the BEST Western affordable Cafes and Bars which will definitely satisfy your tummies with their niche dishes!

Populus Café

You can start your morning breakfast in Populus Café, located at 146 Neil Road as they have the most scrumptious all day brunch!

I tried their Populus All Day Big Brekky which is a super big meal with eggs, potato, mushrooms, baked beans and chicken sausage, all that you need in an English breakfast! I felt everything was well cooked, with the chicken sausage being soft delish and filling to the tummy:) 

If you are craving for something light, the Populus Scramble is a good meal as the crispy croissant with turkey bacon on it, is heavenly. Plus the scrambled eggs are savory:) 

You will certainly leave the cafe feeling happy with a full tummy:) 

Whisk & Paddle

Whisk & Paddle is a riverside café located at 10 Tebing Lane, around Punggol area. It’s surrounded by greenery and I like the indoor seating which is super chill. You should visit here during lunch time as you can walk around and explore the area after your meal:) 

I especially love their starter Corndogs which is Chicken Sausage covered with soft bread. The highlight is certainly the sambal mayonnaise sauce which is spicy and makes the Corndogs extremely delicious. When I was munching on them, I was reminded of the hotdog snack I used to eat in Japan during my travelling days. Ahh… what sweet memories right? Haha! So, if you’re a spicy lover like me, I recommend these Corndogs to warm up your tummies:) 

If you want to have something light, I say go for the Mushroom Soup as I love how creamy it is. Paired with the bread stick, this soup is even more tasty then the ones I have tried before at TCC. I like the right amount of cream in it, not making you super full but just right to ease into the main course:) 

For the main course, Sambal Seafood Pizza is a MUST TRY for spicy and seafood lovers out there. I feel the Sotong and Prawns on the thin crust is a perfect combination. I loved this pizza and just couldn’t stop eating it!

You might be wondering is there nothing else besides Spicy in this place? Well, I’m a spicy lover so obviously my choices are always hot dishes. 

There are also other dishes like this Crabmeat Linguine. Don’t be taken aback by the red sauce as this pasta is tomato based and the linguine is soft and chewy. It’s not spicy at all and the crabmeat is simply delicious. However, I didn’t really like this pasta as I felt the tomato was too much and it would have been better if a bit of spiciness was added to it. But, I recommend this pasta for those of you who love tomato sauce and crabmeat mixture:) 

I feel Whisk & Paddle café is quite affordable, the ambience is chill and the food is delightful. I will go back here again to try their Lamb ShankItalian Carbonara, Prawn Macaroni & Cheese which looks super appealing:) 

Oriole Coffee Bar

Okies, Oriole Coffee Bar is my ultimate favourite bar for 5 years and counting. It’s located just outside 313 Somerset, Orchard. Judging from the name, you might think its just coffee. Honestly, I have never tried their coffee in the mornings but their dinner bar food is specular!

I fell in love with this bar after trying their Red Sangria which is the finest I have ever drank in my life. I can safely say no other Sangrias in Singapore can beat this bar’s special as I adore the sweetness and fruits which beautifully complements each other. 

I can have up to 3 glasses of this Red Sangria and the alcohol content is still manageable and not too strong nor does it burns down my throat. So, if you head by this bar, just grab a glass of this Red Sangria and I can guarantee you would want more:) 

The Spicy Calamari is something different you can try for starters here. It is fresh, chewy and of course extremely spicy with the red chili peppers on them. If you are an extreme risk taker for Spiciness, then just go for this to make your day!

I loved the Spicy Crabmeat Capellini as the pasta is soft and chewy with a touch of spicy level, not making it too spicy. Their Crabmeat potion is generous and super flavorful. I definitely recommend this dish as it’s light on your tummy and satisfies every taste bud in your mouth:) 

Risk takers Alert, you should try their Chili Crab Linguini and as the name suggests, it’s extremely spicy with red chilies and tomato mixture. Yet, the chili has an overpowering taste so get an Iced Lemonade to beat off the heat!

If you’re looking for a cool, chic and stylish dinner date or outing, I recommend Oriole Coffee Bar as the indoor and outdoor seating is both classy and gives you the nightlife vibes to wind down for the weekend:) 

Hope you guys enjoyed my Café/Bar hopping reviews! Good Food never fails to add a HUGE SMILE on your face right? Try them out and let me know if you like their food:) 

Will see you soon in my next Food Blog! Till then, Stay Safe, Happy & Healthy:) 

Cheers, Parames:) 

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