Meet Me!

Hi guys! Welcome to my Blog! My name is Parames and I’m a 29 year old Indian Fashion Blogger based in Singapore. What started off as a hobby for me in 2014, has become my passion and now I cannot stop writing about fashion, lifestyle and anything that inspires me. Eventually, I hope one day this passion of mine will become a full time career:) 

My first love has always been Fashion and you will see me styling lots of vibrant colours and Indo Fusian outfits as it gives me a Positive vibe and suits my Bubbly personality! My next addiction is definitely fragrances and I am a HUGE FAN of LUSH! I feel LUSH never fails to cheer me up. That’s why you will find me giving my reviews on either LUSH’s latest launches or their collections. Of course, there will be travel, makeup and skincare diaries as well! 

Through my Blog, I hope to encourage everyone to see Fashion as something fun to play around with, like I do. I also hope to inspire people to see that size doesn’t matter at all and to flaunt whatever you are wearing with Confidence and Grace! If I, a simple next door girl can do it, I am sure you can do it too:) Last but not the least, life is short so take every opportunity to spread Positivity and Kindness around you. It’s nice to put a SMILE on someone’s face and it doesn’t cost much. Actually, it’s FREE!

Hope you guys join me in my Fashion Adventure and let’s become friends so that I can learn about you too:)

Cheers Parames!