Lost in Wonderland?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like falling into a deep hole, ending up in Wonderland & getting lost in it? One thing for sure, given my curious nature, I would take it as an adventure and explore the Magical Woods!



Wanna make a guess who I am? Yes, that’s right! I am Alice from the forgotten Disney tale, Alice in Wonderland. I mean I am not exactly forgotten, just that since I am not a Disney princess, I am not as famous and likeable like the other Disney princesses.



Yet, I am unique given my curiosity to explore and my spontaneous adventurous spirit. This is what I love about myself and I hope to pass off some of these Magical Traits to you in discovering your own Disney fashion adventure.



You know how much I love exploring Wonderland and my encounters with magical creatures like the talking cat, the rabbit that wears a waistcoat and the unbelievable comedian twins! Still, I have a secret that I would like to share with you. And that is, I am also a curious beaver when it comes to fashion:)



I feel that being curious in exploring new styles in fashion broadens your perspective on how you view the world with endless opportunities. So, when Hatter told me that there is an adventure waiting for me in one of the rooftops with a magical bike, I immediately take the opportunity to explore it and see if I will have a different dream tonight besides the same one for thirteen years. Haha!

Every adventure requires a first step’ as mentioned by Cheshire, the cat to me. The first step in my fashion adventure is to create this ‘Alice look.’ I figured instead of wearing something conventional and sloppy, I should take the risk and wear something comfortable and classy to get dirty fashionably! Here I goo…



This pastel Mesh Blue Dress ($45) is from Osmose http://www.osmose-stores.com/clothing/dresses/dreamy-mesh-dress.html . What I love about this dress is its transparent sleeves that give the dreamy and princess vibe. I feel like I am wearing a dress with a cap just like the Disney princesses. (Yes, some times I too desire to be like the Disney Princesses. Hehe!)



Also, looking back at the dress I wore when I first landed in Wonderland a few years ago, I was wearing a pastel blue long frill dress. I still have that dress but decided to twist it by keeping the colour but changing the length and style of the dress to portray a 21st century curious lady look with this dreamy mesh dress.



It comes in two colours Blue and Black. Both colours are classy and pretty. Since, I have lots of black dresses, I opted for something pastel, brighter and sweeter to suit the summer season. I feel that this dress can be worn on both formal and semi casual occasions where you are meeting your friends for a drink. Who says you can’t be dreamy and give a curious vibe when you are out with your friends or family?

Do you hear the time ticking? Well, Well, it must be the rabbit in his waistcoat carrying time and chasing to find the right Alice! How can we forget him?



So, my earrings are from Osewaya ($25) and it has the design of the rabbit on one side and the clock on the other. I love the uniqueness of this pair of earrings as the rabbit design is like a stud while the clock design is dangling.

Of course, I need to remember my most favourite part of Wonderland, which is having tea with my dear Hatter! This explains why I am wearing a choker with charms that has a teapot and myself from Osewaya ($20)



Not forgetting the other characters from this tale, I am wearing a hairclip also from Osewaya ($19) with the Red Queen’s symbols, Hatter’s design and the ‘Eat Me’ portion which made me smaller to escape into Wonderland. I would love to eat such a portion again but this time escape into my Fantasy Fashion World where clothes are free for me. Wouldn’t you just love that? Hehehe!



For those Alice’s fans out there, you should pop by Osewaya at Orchard Gateway for their cool and innovative accessories’ designs. Sadly, they do not have an online shop for you to chill on your bed and shop. Still, the trip down to Orchard Gateway will be worth it!



‘Where are you magical bike?’ I wondered to myself. As usual, my curiosity awakens me and urges me to look for this bike that Hatter has been rambling about. I am walking all around the rooftop and finding it at every corner with my clutch. Can you help me spot this rather modern bike?

While finding it, shall we take a closer look at my clutch. Does this design reminds you of anything?



There you are! It’s the Hearts and Squad design. Like in every Disney tale, there is always a villain. In this tale, it is the Red Queen! Unlike the Disney villains, I find the Red Queen endearing and at times cute, though I don’t agree with her scheming methods to get what she wants and all the struggles she put me through!



So, this clutch is necessary to show that I have her under my control. Also, I feel that the Red Queen has to be given some importance since she did make this tale much funnier compared to the other Disney villains:)



If you are interested, you can head down to the Chomel ($79.90) outlet at Bugis Junction where I purchased this clutch from. They also have an online shop https://www.chomel.com.sg where their clutches’ designs vary from the pop-up store but they have morning to evening looks and you would be spoilt for choice!



‘Woof! Woof!’ Yes, of course I have not forgotten you Pups!

Pups is here just in time to complete this ‘Alice look.’ Pups’ role is important in this tale as if he had revealed that I was hiding in the teapot Hatter was holding, everything would have been ruined.



So, to praise his loyalty to the White Queen and saving me, I am keeping him close to me in case I need his help any time! I am wearing Puppy flats from Elisa Litz ($85)http://www.elisalitz.com/category/elisa-litz-zoo. What I love about this pair besides its cuteness, is its comfortable soles. I can wear this pair the whole day and my feet would still feel refreshed. There are many animal designs for these flats like the Fox, Husky, Cat and they also have heels for such designs. You should totally sniff their shop and you may end up being loyal to their adorable shoes!



Wow, I am completely exhausted after exploring the magical bike which was invisible to me. I could find it nowhere! I must tell Hatter to stop imagining things! Hatter, Hatter!



It’s one of a kind adventure from all that I have been through. Anyways, I hope you are smitten by me, Alice, and ready to take risks in your fashion.

Come on, take the first step to start your own fashion adventure. I believe Curiosity in Fashion leads to Wonderland! Who knows you may land up in your own Fantasy Wonderland?



I am going to bid you farewell as I am going over to the Red Queen’s castle. Curiouser… Curiouser…. Keep yourself free for my next post!

‘Please do not quote me on the prices as they may change over time. However, the prices listed above are from 2016 to 2017.’

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