Beast Dazzle in Paris! 

I’ve been waiting for a long time! When is the Maze door ever going to open?

I thought to myself.



I, Belle, am going to help Beast gain his powers back! My dad found out that the Enchantress has a bet with her sister, that the Beast will remain a monster forever. To win the bet, the Enchantress cast a stronger spell on Beast when he was in the Woods. This spell is making him less human and more MONSTER!



The only way to counter this spell is to visit one of the Castles in Paris Disneyland. The Enchantress cannot find out that I’m helping Beast. So, I’ve decided to use the secret underground passageway to Disneyland.

I’ve no idea if the Sleeping Beauty Castle or the Red Queen’s Castle is going to help Beast but no harm asking my friend, Aurora and the Red Queen, for some tips right?

Bonjour! Prepare yourself for the Wonderland Maze …



As I walked in, I felt like I was in a DREAM. I cannot believe it! I’m in Paris Disneyland:)



The passage door led me to ‘Alice’s Curious Labyrinth’ where I had to choose which maze to take, to the Red Queen’s Castle. Now, that’s interesting!






I made a quick guess and took the left path. While going deeper into the maze, Caterpillar greeted me with his hookah and some of Red Queen’s guards were playing card games.







I was worried if I’m going the right path. Then, I saw Cheshire from the corner of my eye. Ah Hah! I’m getting close:)



I emerged from the maze happily and Cheshire was super excited to see me wearing his shirt.



My long sleeve Cheshire shirt from Chocoolate($80) kept me very warm during this Winter and the quirky face of Cheshire certainty lightened my mood:) I like the fact that we look like twins when I stood next to Cheshire! Hehe!



I realised that Chocoolate in Bugis Junction and Orchard gateway has a fascinating range of Disney attires and I’ll keep you guys updated about their Disney collection:)

Oh ya, you might ask, why I, Belle, am not dressed in my own clothes. Well, well, I had to disguise myself and dress very differently so that the Enchantress will not sniff my presence in Paris Disneyland. Shhhh….



‘I’m glad you came to say Hi to me, Belle. Not everyday do I see different Disney Princesses coming my way!”

Cheshire and I had such a lovely chat. I promised Cheshire to spend more time with him on my next visit. Cheshire directed me to Red Queen’s Castle, where her guards were happily welcoming me!







It was a nice feeling entering her Castle listening to her guards singing some songs. This is rather a unique Castle made of colourful marbles, I whispered to Beast. Beast agreed with me with a ‘Hum.’





I’m relieved that the Beast is going to gain his powers, for us to have our never ending argument! Haha!



Are you ready to enter the ‘Queen of Hearts’ Castle with me?



I climbed to the rooftop, wondering if the Red Queen was there. I needed her help to remove the Enchantress’s spell from Beast. But, she was nowhere to be seen.

Suddenly, there was loud yelling from a distance.



That has to be the Red Queen! I hurried towards her and told her the reason I was here. Frankly, I thought being the evil villain she has always been, she wouldn’t help me. Instead, she raised her hands and chanted a spell.



I spoke to Beast and asked him where he wanted to go. Beast replied, ‘Hum.’ Red Queen and I were puzzled. What’s happening? Red Queen figured her spell was not strong enough to fight the Enchantress’s spell.



So, she led me to Mad Hatter, who’ll guide me to the right Castle for the Beast to be human again. Wow, I must say Red Queen has changed a lot for the better, ever since Alice rescued her. (Alice in Wonderland Blog posts, 7 Blog Posts earlier)



I ran to Mad Hatter’s teacups and enjoyed the teacups spinning around like crazy! Everyone was eyeing my adorable Cheshire’s shirt:)

Wait a minute! There are teacups flying here and Mad Hatter’s green high chair at the corner. Which am I suppose to sit on and find the next Castle?

I kinda liked Mad Hatter’s peculiar high chair and always wanted to try it. Here’s my chance!



Twink Twink Twink…

“Great, another new place to explore Beast!” I winked at Beast. He gave me a weak smile. I know! I know! We’re in ‘It’s a Small World’ Castle.





This Castle is shiner and more colourful than Red Queen’s Castle. In fact, the amazing trick about this Castle is that it’s made from cardboard. Can you imagine? Maybe this is the Castle that’ll change Beast forever:)



I went near a ship with lots of kids and chatted with them. I discovered that this Castle is for kids all over the world to study and become Prince and Princesses. Oh well, it was worth a shot!



Growlllll…. Oops, that’s my tummy saying it’s hungry.

I should probably fill myself with some appetizing Tea Time specials before heading to explore other Castles in Paris Disneyland!



Of course, I had to chill at Alice’s Tea garden and snack on my Mickey shaped chocolate cake. I was tempted obviously by how cute the cake looked like. Hehe!



I liked the soft moisture taste of it and chocolate flavor is always a hit with me:) For a real experience to eat your favourite Disney character’s shaped food, Disneyland never goes wrong!



You know who else joined me for some snack? It’s Mickey himself!



I cannot ignore how cheeky Mickey looks on my sling bag from Cathkidson_Itd ($100) . I feel that the ‘pie-eyed’ design of Mickey and its stripe makes it quirky and he’s at the right place for quirkiness with Mad Hatter in town:)



Try a bubbly Mickey fashion through Cathkidson_Itd latest sale range of Mickey and his friends and you may be close to meeting Hatter for Tea:)

The snacking had to be over at some point. I goofed around in Alice’s Tea garden by sitting on a huge teacup and pretending to drink my Magical Tea! Beast was enjoying himself too, I could see:)



“Hey! Hey, there Belle! What are you doing?” I heard someone whispering my name. That’s weird. Besides Beast, no one that I know is around me. The voice continued to call me and I followed the noise.



To my surprise, it was a rat whispering from a teacup. “Sorry to be rude, I don’t you know, my dearie.” I replied. “I’m CHIP!” Oh nooooo, what has Chip done to himself?



Chip told me he had to swallow a potion to transform himself into a rat, for the Enchantress not to discover him. He hurried me to go to Sleeping Beauty Castle as Beast’s spell is working very fast and he has to regain his powers back. I told Chip I didn’t know how to get to Sleeping Beauty Castle. He winked at me and said Mickey Grassland will show me the way.



Now, where do I find Mickey Grassland? Can you guys help me out in Paris Disneyland?

To be continued…

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