Tale as Old as Beast! 

Oh Mickey, you’re so fine, you’re so fine, you blew my mind. Hey Mickey! Hey Hey Hey Mickey!


Phew! I’ve arrived at Mickey’s grassland after hunting behind Mickey’s song:)



“So, Chip must have told you to come here right Belle?” Mickey teased me.



I shared with Mickey my Red Queen’s adventure and how she helped me chant a spell to save Beast but it didn’t work (previous blog post). Mickey was surprised to hear about the Red Queen’s generosity.



Mickey told me to make it to the entrance of Paris Disneyland with the changing signs. However, I had only a few seconds to quickly step in as the Castle sign will lead me to the Sleeping Beauty Castle but the 25 years sign will lead me nowhere near any Castle.



My heart was thumping so fast. Even Beast felt worried. I kissed Mickey goodbye and flew.

It was pretty easy to find the entrance!



Now, the difficult part is jumping into the Castle sign as the signs kept changing every 3 seconds. How are we ever going to make it into the Castle?



Suddenly, I had an idea. I quickly grabbed a Mickey snowcap from the Disneyland shop earlier on while walking into Alice’s Wonderland Maze (previous blog post). Maybe I can use my snowcap to attract attention and make the 3 seconds last longer since Mickey is the most popular Disney character in any Disneyland:)



And I was right! Well, partly right. Hehe! When the Castle sign saw my striking Mickey pink and blue snowcap, it smiled and let Beast and me step into it. Wow! There was such a relief!



So, there’s definitely no regret about buying this Mickey pink and blue snowcap from Paris Disneyland shop itself. There were many Disney characters’ snowcap and Disney ears. Me being me, of course, I wanted to choose something different and this unique 2 coloured tone snowcap with subtle Mickey designs caught my eyes! I feel this print of Mickey snowcap can be worn during my Disney visits and my normal Winter fashion attires:) You’ll be seeing a lot of this Mickey snowcap quite often in my Instagram pics! (@disneyfashiondiaries)



When I entered the Castle sign, I showed Mickey’s picture like what he told me, which led us to a secret pathway into Sleeping Beauty Castle.

I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream… I know you, the gleam in your eyes…”



I couldn’t believe my eyes! I’m finally at Sleeping Beauty Castle. I was speechless as the Castle is truly a Wonder 🙂



We’re very close to making Beast much more alive. The thought of it made me swirl and jump around in front of the castle. I saw that even Beast was trying to force a smile and express his happiness!



I’m thrilled to see Princess Aurora and tell her all about my adventure to her magical Castle:)



As I stepped in, I cannot stop smiling and admiring how the blue, pink and gold colours of the Castle made it so warm and inviting for guests! I really feel like I’m walking into a mystical dream…



I saw Princess Aurora’s parents proudly waving at me. I took Beast to visit the different parts of the Castle. Slowly, I could see him gaining a little of his powers back. Yet, he still couldn’t talk.



“ Hey there, Belle! What took you ages to come?” I turned and to my delight, Princess Aurora and the three lovely fairy godmothers were standing before me:)



Beside them, was the evil queen and I wasn’t sure why she was there with them.



“You might be wondering I’ve done lots of evil deeds to Aurora and the three fairies right? Well, here’s the thing, I hate the Enchantress as she thinks she is always right and never loses. I want her to taste the medicine of failure and be humble!” I thanked the evil queen for helping me.



They brought me into a dark light and chanted some spells to destroy the Enchantress’s control on the Beast. Finally, the chanting stopped and the three fairy godmothers became tiny. I waited patiently.



“Tale as old as Time… I can speak and annoy you now…” Beast is singing away! Haha! The Enchantress spell was removed by the fairy godmothers and the evil queen. They warned me to keep Beast inside my bag till we arrive back in our Castle, for the Enchantress can cast another spell. Once we’re in the Beast’s Castle, the Enchantress cannot touch Beast at all.



We stayed behind a while to chat with Princess Aurora and her prince. Oh my, I missed those times when Princess Aurora and I used to play around the water fountain as kids. Those were the memories that I can’t never forget:) We bid Princess Aurora and the Castle goodbye as Beast said he had a surprise for me!

“ Belle, I know you have seen Christmas decorations in your hometown. But, have you seen Disney characters dressed up during Christmas?” Beast asked me with a wink.



Haha! It was indeed a unique experience seeing Mickey, Minnie and their friends as snowman. I’m extremely blessed that I got to see such attractive Disney Christmas decorations and felt like a small little girl again:) I would never see such fun and enjoyable Christmas lightings in my life except only in Paris Disneyland.



To end off the night, Beast brought me to see the stars sparkling on Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. It was a gorgeous sight and I never wanted to leave this place ever!



Haha! All good things come to an end right? Or at least a pause! Beast said that we would take a different route back to his Castle. True enough, we went to Minnie’s ship:) I remember telling Beast I’ve always wanted to travel the world in a ship. I cannot believe in just a night, he’s fulfilling all my dreams!



I excitedly got onto Minnie’s ship and showed her my red pullover. She absolutely adored it and asked me where I got it from.



My Mickey pullover($50) is from Macys https://www.macys.com/shop/featured/disney-women-clothes and it kept me so warm and comfortable during my adventure into Sleeping Beauty Castle.



I just love the simplicity of its design and how it can be matched with both jeans and skirts. This is my third Disney pullover purchase from Macys. If you’re looking for a super classy and chic Disney outfit collection, Macys is your one stop Disney shopping that you cannot miss! Their service is fast and you’ll always be ready to wear your Disney classics to the Disney parks like meJ (Hongkong Disneyland Macys showcase in May 2018)



Alrites then, we’re heading back to Beast’s Castle and Minnie told me we’ll be passing Adventureland and Fantasyland along the way. I’m hoping the Enchantress doesn’t catch Beast and I before we reach the Castle. Wish us luck ya:)


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