Rainbow Fiesta!

How many of you feel excited when you see a RAINBOW in the sky?


I know for sure I do! It’s truly a wonder seeing rainbows and if you’re lucky, you may have seen them a couple of times. I’ve only seen a rainbow twice in my life, believe it or not! But, whenever I look at it, I feel a sense of positivity and exhilaration:)



Since it’s not that easy to spot rainbows, I thought why not try being a rainbow and celebrating its splendid colours? Haha! What I meant is RAINBOW IN FASHION. From accessories, to bags, to shoes, you name it, the rainbow craze has begun in the fashion world. I’m sure this Spring trend is ready to steal your hearts away!



One thing I love about dressing up in rainbow colours is, I don’t have to choose only one colour to wear on that day. I can wear multiple colours, without being spoilt for choice!



Like this Rainbow Striped Skirt from Bershka($35.90), which I knew instantly I had to get it for two reasons. Of course the striking colours and oh my, do I love the asymmetrical style of it:)



The skirts I’ve seen are either pleated, midi or long ones. Asymmetrical is rather unique and I feel it complements the rainbow colours beautifully.



I can never get enough of Bershka skirts as it’s reasonably priced and the material is soft and super comfortable!



Rainbow colours doesn’t stop just at the clothes! It goes beyond, even to the shoes.



I feel rainbow shoes have this magic of putting me in an upbeat mood! Every step I take, it perks me up and gives me a new energy to conquer all my dreams:)



That’s why I adore my Rainbow Pom Pom shoes from SophieWebster. It might be pricey but once in a while, I think it’s perfectly fine to own a sweet and exclusive pair of sandals where everyone will go ‘WOW!’



What’s not to love about this pair I’m wearing? It’s rainbow, it has cute little pom poms and the best part, it has a little mermaid shell at the back of it!



I’m a fan of SophieWebster as they never fail to impress me with their creativity in coming up with designs that you’ll probably see only on Hollywood stars and modals. The next time you see a pair that your favourite celebrity is wearing, you can check SophieWebster out and you may be hitting the jackpot with a similar design for a much lesser price! (Shop below)



Somewhere over the Rainbow…

At times I like to downplay my accessories and keep it subtle so that it doesn’t clash with my rainbow themed outfit. I feel gold accessories can never go wrong as they give the classic and elegant vibe!



I’ve chosen to wear accessories shaped like the galaxy with stars and crescent, that is equally gorgeous like the rainbow:)



My accessories are always from Lovisa as their designs are trendy and matches my style very well. You should check out their latest Bohemian Rainbow accessories both online and in stores (Bugis & Orchard).



Instead of waiting for rainbows to appear in the skies, go be a Rainbow in your own Cloud:)



Steal the Look…

I have put together some wardrobe pieces that you can consider & their links when creating your own RAINBOW LOOK:

Asos’s Sneak Rainbow Preview: http://www.asos.com/search/rainbow%20women%20clothes?q=rainbow+women+clothes


Asos’s Sneak Rainbow Bags: http://www.asos.com/search/rainbow%20bags?q=rainbow+bags


Sophie Webster’s Statement Rainbow Shoes: https://www.sophiawebster.com/category/3/shoes


Berksha’s Rainbow Skirts: https://www.bershka.com/sg/printed-pleated-skirt-c0p101492508.html?colorId=615


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